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Group 6 SAREX

December 28, 2020 - February 27, 2021

Lt Col James Shepard ( )

Group 6 has received Wing approval to conduct a SAREX under mission number 21-T-4022. The SAREX is scheduled from Dec. 26 2020 through Feb. 28 2021. Though all operations will be conducted remotely, Modesto Squadron 50 will be the host squadron of record. The flying portion is scheduled to start 26 and 27 Dec. 2020. Due to COVID restrictions, all of the planning and execution of missions will be done remotely. This means that Group 6 aircraft may operate from their home base to conduct training in conjunction with the exercise throughout the training period. This does not preclude mission pilots from relocating the aircraft to pick up their crewmembers/trainees who need training. This exercise provides Group 6 personnel an excellent opportunity to sharpen your emergency services skills and upgrade skill sets. This SAREX is designed to get advanced SQTR tasks signed off or renewed for mission scanners, mission observers, transport mission pilots upgrading to mission pilot training and base staff training.

The Modesto project officer for this exercise is 2nd Lt. Robert Longstreth. He can be contacted through Wing email at

The 20-T-4022 SAREX Point of Contact (POC) is 1st Lt Eugene Carlson. He can be contacted through Wing email at

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